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Michèle Graf + Selina Grüter

Throws and Catches

August - September, 2017

Opening Saturday, August 26     18:00 - 20:00


After losing its first location in the summer of 2014, Plymouth Rock shifted to Schwamendingen, at the outskirts of Zurich. There I was joined by another space, Taylor Macklin, which had also been displaced by renovational upscaling. It was run by three friends of mine: Adam Cruces, Gina Folly and Thomas Julier. I had my first exhibition in Europe there that May before. Adam had the first show at Plymouth Rock. Gina was included in a group show that June and I did an exhibition in Marfa with Thomas that summer. Michèle Graf and Selina Grüter joined Taylor Macklin that autumn. In a large former industrial space we erected partitions and carved out our new spaces with emblematic diagonals. The walls separating us didn't even try to reach the ceiling. The first show in my new space was a massive mess of a group show. Adam, Gina, Michèle and Selina all had work in it. Thomas was in a group show that June, where I also put a piece of my own. Selina and Michèle had a work in one last August. A gem-toned watercolor showing figures repeatedly bowing. After you. Plymouth Rock and Taylor Macklin exist very separately. Although two years ago, we did a two-person show together and knocked a hole in the separating wall. That wound still exists in the right light, but, then, so do the clouds. More defining is our standalone existence as artists, but in our spaces I guess we’ve found a good hobby. We throw ideas around this big empty building. We drink leftover Campari Sodas. We smoke on the roof I call a terrace. These are close friends. Here, with this show, I come close to a full circle and Selina and Michèle acknowledge it. The isometries of the space and the social exist together now, but really they always have. It’s a nice game and I guess we’ll play it for another year.

- Mitchell Anderson, August 2017

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