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Nine Lives of Hermann Nitsch


November 12, 2023 - January 13, 2024

Opening Saturday, November 11   18-20h

Birthday Gallery Event

Memory grades on a curve and yet its secretions spread evenly. One moment of lonesomeness sits in our collective unconscious, resigned to our living spaces for months on end, yet others speckle a quotidian world. The sick day. The bender. The snow day. The late night can’t sleep. The holidays. There’s more than a pinch of claustrophobia in the new works of Rob Kulisek, but it’s balanced by uncanny companionship. By an energy of character, set and design. The cinematics of the exciting genres employed with a central figure straddling the still life. An intense presence, that verges toward the human without ever crossing that threshold. The cat that observes its owner and the caretaker that documents, entertains and coddles its ward. The deeply diaristic is laid here against the mass appeal, as film and fashion engage with setting and sentiment. The painterly elements of these digital images recalls the gesture of the dark room. For developing film or developing self. As photographic images collide toward a century and a half long final collapse of falsehood, we’re confronted with an artificial approaching the truth. Altered States. Spying on the feline; psychedelic, imperfect and here.

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