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Saturday, February 23 , 2019 19 - 21h

Independent, artist-run exhibition spaces are also known as off-spaces. Those structures, which serve as platforms and spaces for experimentation are characteristically non-profit initiatives.

The ZURICH ART SPACE GUIDE has been produced as much for local art lovers than for visitors to the city. It aims to make more visible and accessible the vibrant independent Zürich based art scene by indicating the different projects currently active in the city. Most are indoors while a few are windows and outdoors displays.

Due to the fast changing programmes of art spaces, opening times vary. Please check online for the latest information. On our website, you will also find additional listing of itinerant and new projects.

Who-Why-How: Arriving in Zürich In 2013, Anne-Laure Franchette looked for the local alternative art scene, compiled a listing and decided to share it, so that other people could find out easily about such initiatives taking place in the city. Teaming up with Andreas Marti, the ZURICH ART SPACE GUIDE was first published in 2014. Edition 1 and 2 were designed with Fabio Kunz. In 2016, Anne-Laure and Andreas started collaborating with designers Badesaison.


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Published by:
Anne-Laure Franchette
Andreas Marti
Patrizia Mazzei

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