September - October, 2018

Opening: Friday, August 31 18:00 - 21:00

Final Schwamendingen exhibition!

Luegislandstrasse 105 (Eingang Nord)

Constanza Schaffner explores, digests and pieces back together varied and greater wholes in the same way we measure the age of the universe. We extrapolate back. She tells attractive falsehoods and overlays decadent facts. A rave is a carnival. Ecstasy is a living hell. Utopia still. Lying decays. Lions too. Hugo Ball abandoned Dada for catholicism. In 1958 Buddy Holly recorded ‘Rave On!’ and died the next year. Come and go, but sometimes linger on. We remake the birth of the universe each in our own way, but all without care and all without inhibition. This is childhood and as Kippenberger said, it doesn’t end. What should we make of Ball, an avatar of sorts for Schaffner as she builds up marks and figures and then reduces her paintings to her very notes. Balls haircut becoming an icon in her hands, aesthetics and looks caught together. When Ball died nearby it was in September as well. Stomach cancer.