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time for a better world
Philémon Otth

Saturday, September 5   15:00 - 19:00
accessible by appointment through Sunday, September 13

> time for a better world is an edition of 100 towels. The project consists of a re-actualization of a found beach towel, originally produced for the year 2000 and the coming new millennium.

> The design of the new towels differs from the original only by a slight transformation of the graphic, changing the second 0 of 2000 into a 2, creating 2020. The rest of the design, its composition, font and colors, have been reproduced as close as possible to the original.

> The production of the edition has been developed in collaboration with Weberei Tannegg AG, the same company that produced the original towel. This identification was made through the towel’s remaining tag.

> While Weberei Tannegg AG’s office still exists, the production site has since been shifted from Switzerland to Austria for economic purposes. Over the past twenty years the thread colors have changed slightly and the computer program employed to prepare the digital files for weaving has evolved, making a 100% accurate reproduction of the design not possible.

> time for a better world was motivated as a reflection on the world's current and manifold challenges; climatic, pandemic, social and political; and the possible reproduction of history and hope.

> Is every year a good 'time for a better world' or are years such as 2000 and 2020 special opportunities for an improved outlook?

> time for a better world, is a meditation on collective optimism now and in time passed. May it be seen without sarcasm, irony and bitter thoughts across beaches and baths for futures to follow.

- Philémon Otth, August 2020

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