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Haus Wien

September 21 - 27

Kobelgasse 3, 1110 Vienna

Mon—Wed & Fri: 12am—6pm
Thu: 12am—8pm
Sat & Sun: 10am—6pm

A sequel to a an exhibition presented in Zurich in Autumn 2018. Five artists were invited to contribute a readymade, an item manufactured and readily available in similar form across broad globalized locales. These five objects were all purchased in Zurich or Vienna and are exhibited without title, medium and date. The artists in this exhibition are internationally exhibiting, from a variety of origination and generation. Each has agreed not to discuss their involvement in this project and does not know the identity of the other four artists. The works presented are free from any personal reading traditionally associated with these artists’ larger practices and remain works for the duration of the project at Haus Wien.

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