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Guyton Price Smith Walker:

Mathis Altmann, Vittorio Brodmann, Gina Folly, Thomas Julier,

Tobias Kaspar, Emil Michael Klein, Tobias Madison,  

Emanuel Rossetti, Thomas Sauter, Hannah Weinberger


A group exhibition of work from Zurich and its surroundings that has become visible since 2006, explored through the lens of the landmark 2006 Kunsthalle Zurich exhibition of the same name


June - July 2014

Opening Sunday, June 8     16:00 - 19:00


Plymouth Rock is proud to announce ‘Guyton Price Smith Walker’, a group exhibition of works since 2006 by artists from Zurich and its surroundings viewed through the lens of Kunsthalle Zurich’s landmark 2006 exhibition, ‘Guyton Price Smith Walker’.


The exhibition looks at the term ‘Guyton Price Smith Walker’ as a carrier of ideas relating to (but not limited to): interspersed artistic collaboration, questioning of authorship, decoding the visuals of commodity exchange, explorations of context through the distribution of art, and disturbing normal appropriations of digital technology.


Works by ten artists that have emerged internationally from Switzerland in the past decade will be on view, including works that have never before been exhibited, works completed for the exhibition and works loaned from area collections.

Together these works use the framework surrounding a high profile four person exhibition, and the two subsequent bootleg catalogue printings, to examine the diffuse ways that a generation of artists, viewers and curators created, received and spread ideas.


Photography: Douglas Mandry

2014_plymouth_guytonprice_0071 copy.jpg
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